I Want Variety.

I want variety.  I want choices.  I look for what makes me smile.

I like finding design label exclusives in different stores.

  • If I pick up a shoe or garment, the designer got my attention.
  • If I try on the same shoe or garment, the product development team got my attention.
  • If I purchase, the technical design, quality assurance and production teams got my attention.

The designer may be the lead actor, yet the development teams are the supporting actors.

I liken the teams together as the perfect cast ensemble; a musical production that brings an audience night after night.

There have been times when a tv show or musical production cast change leads to a change in the cast chemistry.

In the fashion industry, a change in an apparel label’s design/development team, its design focus, its sizing and even production facilities, customer loyalty can be lost.

I respect labels that keep their customers loyal, and integrity in place.

The style may not be my taste.  However, I appreciate the intention, commitment and vision.

Let’s keep getting the customer’s attention.


3 thoughts on “I Want Variety.

  1. Kathleen it is an amazing information and very unique creativity writing. It feels like knowing the melody and decide to start playing my instrument with your orchestra.

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