The Universal Language is……

The Universal Language is Fashion.  Were you expecting love….

I travel the world.  I meet people of all walks of life.

After initial introductions, sometimes through translators, I mention I am in apparel design.  Nine times out of ten people respond with a knee jerk remark such as ‘Do I look okay?’

After I give assurance, the second question, asked through an exasperated sigh…., ‘Why can’t I find anything that fits?’

Whether a bus driver or a UN diplomat, at a wedding, businesses function or even on a plane, frustration is the consensus.  The difficulty to find something that looks good and fits often makes the most avid shoppers leave stores empty handed.

Most consumers generally know what looks good.

They also can tell when a garment doesn’t feel right.  They may not know why, just that it does.

After years, miles and continents hearing the same theme playing over and over, maybe it is time to change the record.


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