You Could See it in Her Eyes.

You could see the transformation the minute she put the jacket on. 

She stood up straighter.  She steadied her gaze in the dressing room mirror.  Before I even offered my professional input…..

She fell in love with the jacket for its silhouette, seaming detail and how she felt in it. 

Then my expression changed just as fast as hers had lit up.  As we looked at her image in the mirror, I realized there was a problem with the jacket front.

The bust darts set into the jacket seams were at the wrong angle and incorrect bust position!  

This $500 plus jacket label usually recognized for quality had fallen through the cracks during inspection. 

Crestfallen, the client tried on other size 6 jackets to find they all were assembled the same.


My client found other pieces that day to purchase as wardrobe additions.  However, the love found and lost in one distinct jacket left an imprint. 


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