I Would Be Happy To Bring You The Next Size Smaller

Yes, most times, that is what every shopper wants to hear.

I had a woman put on a pair of pants in the season’s color.

Already a big risk for someone partial to neutrals.  Yet, partnered with a couple top choices, more in line with her style, I envisioned the ensemble a win for her spring wardrobe.

I never even gave her a chance to look in the dressing room mirror.

Loved the color. The size,  well, let’s just say the correct under garments would be mandatory.

So, you can imagine our reaction when a very sweet salesperson comes to check in, sees the pants and suggests a size smaller.

Politely smiling, trying to hide the puzzled expression running across our faces, she explained that the fabric would stretch out after wear and wash (It had microfiber in it; I knew that was not what would happen when laundered properly).

In unison, we simply said ‘no thank you’, hung the clothes back up and headed out the door!

Courteous sales people-score.   Garment size knowledge-no score.


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