Minding My ‘P’s & ‘Q’s

My client is in the dressing room with the next garment.  I sit taking notes on our wardrobe findings.

I look up to a flurry of ooh and ahh’s as a woman walks out in a lovely blue lace dress.

She twirls like a girl in front of the mirror.  The sales woman compliments how she looks.  The dress is truly lovely, short sleeve, seamed at the waist, nice neckline… and all I can think is don’t buy it. Don’t buy it.

I love the label; known for elegance, feminine fabrics and detailing.

The dress splurge is for a special occasion.

All I see is a vision of a little girl being squeezed into a size too small dress for one more wear.

The bodice- too snug.   The seamed waist- above the intended waistline.   The armhole cutting into her underarm.   The hem length landing too high for her height and leg.

Biting my tongue, I had to mind my ‘P’s & ‘Q’s.  She was not my client.  It was not my place to open my mouth.  I diverted my eyes from the woman so she would not see.

As she said yes to the dress, I wished for her a lovely time.


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