30 Pants…..3 Labels

Choices, choices everywhere…

Yet, settling into finding what really fits can be an eyeful.

Recently, I was given three hours by a very busy professional to shop for pants to purchase.

His wardrobe needed an update and he wanted to look professional with well-fitting clothes.

He committed to the time knowing the outcome would find him the labels and sizes to best fit his ‘silhouette.’

After we reviewed the mall store directory, and design labels for his lifestyle and body shape consideration, we took to task store by store, label by label, pant by pant.

A live mannequin for me, each pant label consideration modeled.   I put him in front of the mirror so ‘he would see what I see.’

Surprised, some labels hanging in his closet actually were not the best recommendations for his shape.

Thirty or so pants later, success was found in three labels.

Purchases made, tailors met- another shopper able to see what works and what doesn’t for his ‘silhouette.’

Next time he shops he knows exactly which stores/labels/sizes to buy.

Do I daresay, he might even enjoy the next shopping experience!


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