I Love Your Height!

Strolling through the charity event eyeing the generous items available for auction, I move between many people dressed stylishly for the evening.

Some conservative, some festive, and others daytime attire.

Nearby a woman easily 6’ without heels is focusing on an item for bid. I am struck by the confidence in her carriage.

I catch myself staring.  The dress she is wearing-it fits!

A woman of this height and there are no wrinkles along the back hip area where the pattern drafted hip would generally hit her higher than her natural hip!

I am intrigued!  I get closer and the dress fits her the way it should, from across shoulder, to sleeve length to back length, etc.                                     I have to know.

Striding up to her, I pardon the intrusion to say ‘I love your height!’

I am in the fashion business and I just wanted to know what dress label you are wearing!’  It is so rare to see a tall woman wearing something that fully fits.

As always, fashion is the universal language, so she opens right up telling me the label of the dress.   The label is as I suspected.  This woman’s balanced shoulder to hip gave me an indication of which design label it was.

I thanked her for her time and we both went our own way enjoying the evening.

A smile on my face.

A knowing confirmation to my observation.  A well-fitting garment makes a difference.  A nod to the designer.


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