Psst, I Just Caught You Smiling!

Are you smiling?  I bet you are.

Smiling is contagious.

Just like acts of kindness, courtesy, and even style.  Style??                 Yes, style.

Style appears every day.

Every time we walk out the door our style defines our day.

Do you think ahead to what you will wear for the day?  Do you stand in front of the closet each morning?  Or maybe, you get dressed in the dark, never really thinking if your socks match.

Now, think about it, how many times in a day you receive a smile for no apparent reason?  Or, are you the one giving the smiles.

I am the latter.  

I enjoy giving smiles. Nothing brings me more smiles than complimenting someone else’s effort to put together their style.

I consider myself a privileged observer.  Nothing is more enjoyable than watching people, places and even nature to see their movement, their style.

People tell quite a story without opening their mouths. These stories provide me many opportunities to imagine their day, and where they are heading.

If something gets my attention I never hesitate to gently approach the person complimenting the aspect that flatters them.

It is truly inspiring watching that person change before my eyes. The look of pleasure at being noticed for something surely stays with them for some part of their day.

It takes just a second for the interaction then I move on, for it is their moment.

So, the next time a woman approaches you with a compliment, take it and pass on your smile.


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