The Every Day Runway Show

Now arriving on track number…..

Every day a runway show is produced, choreographed and even viewed by millions.  It is called rush hour!

There is music-the buzz of conversations converging, cars honking, public address systems, and muzak.

There is choreography-the various shuffles, walks, gaits based on the stage-escalators, sidewalks, street signals, and crowds.

Just as a fashion runway showcases multiple color/theme stories so too does the rush hour show.

A blur of seasonal colors appear-spring versus fall, navy versus grey; even form versus function.

As the ‘models’ exit onto the everyday runway their attire stories a theme venue.  Themes unfold depending on the runway platform.

There is the Madison Avenue, the Financial District, the Garment District, the artists and student themes, and so on.

As a daily runway show spectator I enjoy taking in the shows produced every day.   Like any apparel industry front row seat persona, I take notes on what works, what doesn’t, what are the new trends, and what we will be seeing more of.

So, when you dress tomorrow, think about the live runway show you will be participating in.


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