Your Lapels Are Music to My Ears

Lapel shapes create personality to the jacket.  They are inspired by design.

Lapel widths must balance the overall jacket silhouette proportion.  Too wide for a person with narrow shoulders and they look like wings.  Too narrow on a barrel chested person and they look like miniatures.

A well-made jacket urges you to touch the lapel.

A hint to the beauty of a patternmaker’s skill starts at the top button where the lapel roll begins.  Capture the roll between one’s fingers and glide up the lapel as if running your hand across a keyboard.   Every nuance of fabric, layers and stitching are as smooth as easy listening jazz.  A properly made lapel roll cups in one’s hand as if caressing a whiskey goblet.

My fingertips are accustomed to a perfect sensation hidden beneath the lapel roll. On a hanger or a person, the sight and feel, simply put is music to my ears.

So when I come across lapels with staccato stitching, stiffness to the inside or lapel edges that turn upward rather than flat against the jacket, it feels as if someone is off-key.


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