Savor the Weekend!

Can you feel it!  

For most, you are within hours of an honest-to-goodness holiday ‘get away‘.  Whether actual or of mindset.

Welcome the sunshine, picnics, ball games, even boating!

Inhale.  Exhale.   Smile!

I will find myself by the water……..somewhere!  With a book. and an observer’s eye taking in all the style, color, flavor and rhythm found by each person passing by!

Seems to me the above Balenciaga ensemble is a great look to savor the weekend.

Why it got my eye:

  • The complementary contrast between the feminine top with the structured peplum styled pant.
  • The pink print pattern keeps time with the intimate jewel neckline.  Remember it’s about proportion!!
  • The uniquely designed pant pattern ‘peplum’(my word).
  • The crisp white pant speaks fresh, put together.

Be Fresh!  The weekend is calling!




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