Pssst….The Plaids Don’t Match!

It was a moment I will never forget.  Forever etched in my mind.

Let’s just say a long, long time ago….

Sitting completely still listening to a concert I look over at the person a few rows in front of me.

Not understanding why at first I don’t feel pleasure.  Then it hits…Her jacket plaids don’t match!

Shhh! coming from the people around me.

I continued to stare.  Why would someone not take the time to match the plaids on clothing!  

I would ponder that until I found out the answers working in the apparel garment industry many years later.

I still hold to the integrity of clothing equals only to how beautifully something is constructed.  

I saw the above men’s suit jacket and my heart melted.  

What an artisan the patternmaker was!  EVERY plaid matches across the jacket.

The workmanship is exquisite…a work of art.  

The care in how the fabric was matched is worthy of an artist’s eye.       This artist.


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