Did You Check Your Rearview Mirror?

Maybe you instantly went to a car rear-view mirror….or maybe movie buffs might have thought of

Hitchcock’s 1954 movie   “Rear Window”.

Coat Back View

Coat Back View

Actually, I want you to remember if you actually checked your own personal rear-view in the mirror before leaving home!

In my lifelong observation of people, their looks, how they carry themselves,

their personality and their visual voice speaking as they pass by-

I can tell many have learned the importance of first impressions.  

How you enter a room, a street, a meeting..and so on.

Your entrance is the ultimate first impression.  

However, your exit is how memorable you are!

I have seen dress hems ‘hiked’ up in back, skirts that cling,

pant rises that show too much, 

suit jackets that hang off one’s shoulders as if they could not carry out whatever opportunity they entered to accomplish!

Clothing fit speaks volumes.  

Make your entrance and exit memorable!


2 thoughts on “Did You Check Your Rearview Mirror?

  1. I think we’ve all been guilty of paying attention only to the first impression but you’re soooo right – it’s the parting view that’s most memorable! I’m now a convert – now only a 360-degree view will do!

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