Style is Timeless

Timeless Style

Timeless Style

I admit the things I wore when I was young were certainly questionable trends.

I use to say some of the looks and hairdos left so much to be desired that the only people who could love you, were your parents looking beyond the trends!

So, now that I am older, wiser, more enlightened, and stylish, I have a new barometer for gauging the success of a clothing design…

Will you still love me tomorrow?”                 

How many of you remember this song lyric!

Will I still love it next season, next year, five years from now.

There are some clothing pieces that win me over for their timeless ability to savor the look.

Those looks, of course, rate in the barometer for their timeless style, workmanship and overall fit.

Is there anything in your closet to savor!


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