Impeccably Dressed

Garment Fitting

Garment Fitting

Among my many opportunities throughout my career, the humblest come from everyday experiences.

I once consulted for Greyhound traveling to various USA cities to fit and size new uniforms for bus drivers and terminal crew/staff.

Every city I traveled I was greeted with people who all had a story.  I encountered hard working people of all sizes and shapes.

Many of the bus drivers were former military men who took such pride in their uniform that they were clean and starched impeccably.  

The respect for the uniform carried into their gait.  They stood tall, proud, full of respect for others and themselves.

That regard could be found in how each and every person addressed another, whether they were 20 or 70.  Miss, Mr. Mrs….then their first name.   Mutual respect at it’s finest.

Many of those I fit, measured and sized had never had any attention taken to their wardrobe, or even to themselves.

At the end of one long day, a woman hesitated in the door, saying she was scheduled for a fitting.  

As many who have never been fit, I try to make clients as comfortable as possible always asking “May I” before touching them to measure.

At the end of this woman’s fitting I mentioned if she had a different size brassiere her clothing would fit more flatteringly.  

I asked her quietly if she wanted me to measure her for the correct sizing and she wordlessly nodded.  

As I focused my attention to the job at hand I saw the woman crying.  Startled, I asked if she wanted me to stop.  She shook her head and said no one had ever given her this kind of special attention.

With a lump in my throat I smiled.  This woman’s response forever impacted my desire to show everyone’s beauty. 


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