Keeping Time With Your Sleeves

Sleeves you say.

I look at clothing design creations and more times than not, a sleeve’s artistry is one of the places that gets my attention.  

In essence, sleeves keep time to your gait, your dance.

As I always do, I watch how people ‘dance’ throughout their day.  I continually capture into memory(and notes) what gets my attention and why.

I was walking purposefully through a mall, no immediate focus, just intent on my errand.  

All of a sudden, there ahead of me a women was savoring every movement of her body.  

Obviously unaware.  There was a little bounce to her step.  

While her arms swung across the front of her body as if windshield wipers, her buttocks kept time to the rhythm all her own.

Once I zoned in to the woman’s movement, the print dress and her slightly bell sleeves began harmonizing the beat of her body.  

The slight bell moved in time, the back dress folds sat neatly at the buttocks, and her contemporary semi-up-do reminiscent of modest versions to beehives in the 1960’s .

Her own gait was lively and spirited, just as I suspect her personality was.  She knew what worked for her body silhouette.   

I told her so in a compliment on the dress sleeves with the hair as I passed her by.  

She smiled at the acknowledgement, said thanks,and continued her spirited strut down the mall!




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