The Mystery Shopper

Fashionable ShopperI am a tough customer.

I know too much. Thus I expect too much.

I started work life in retail.  

First degree in retail business management.  

Working at some of the most prestigious retail establishments allowed me to see service at it’s finest.  

Over the years I also have seen where some companies and some sales associates place their focus.

If they only knew what I know.                                      Wait, they should know what I know.

Customer first.  Know your customer.  Know your merchandise.  Know your products.  

Many years ago I was a mystery shopper.  Now I am a mystery shopper researching for my own observation and projects.

I watch what people pick up, what they are drawn to.  

I watch what they carry into the fitting room, then what is left in the fitting room.

I have a mantra.  You never know who may be watching.  

Don’t sell me…Entice me…Excite me…Educate me.  

Consumers are savvy.  They may not know why it doesn’t fit, but they know it doesn’t feel right.

I am a designer, an artist, a fit advisor, an apparel industry veteran, but most importantly, a consumer.

I hear from consumers, clients and everyday folks who feel compelled to share their exasperation once they know the industry I come from.

For many, shopping is no longer about getting something that is fun, that makes you happy, that is guaranteed to fit.

Now it is something that works for right now. Something that has to be ‘good enough’.

I don’t know about other designers, but for me, hearing this takes the air out of my sails.  

As artists we should be exciting people, igniting people with things that make them consumers- wanting to add to their wardrobe, make them come back again and again.  

As I said, I know too much!


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