Could You Wear Your Clothes Inside Out?

Jacket LiningCould you wear your clothes inside out?  Would you?

     Early on, I learned the workmanship of a garment should look as finished and well done inside as the outside of a garment.  

The ability to put a garment on inside out and wear it throughout the day, shows you have found yourself a well made garment.

To this day as I roam from store to store, reviewing, researching and assessing the latest fashions, I routinely turn a garment inside out.

Sometimes I find twisted sleeve linings, unfinished seams, uneven stitching, inconsistent pattern lining pattern pieces, uneven darts, etc., and then sometimes I am completely surprised by what I find!

One visit to Saks Fifth Avenue NYC, I was moving through a dress area lifting hems, turning down necklines when I came side by side with a woman doing exactly what I was doing!  

We smiled and laughed commenting how we decide if a garment is worth trying on by the workmanship. 

Then the woman said something I had not expected…. she was a personal shopper for the store.  

Staff with product AND garment knowledge-how refreshing!

The next time you go shopping try the clothing on inside out to see how it really fits!



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