Can You Make A Jump Shot in Those High Heels!

I LIVE IN HEELS!          

If, after a day standing on my feet, my shoes are still comfortable enough to play a round of ‘H-O-R-S-E’ on the court-

(nod to my father when we would play some after work basketball-me in my dress and heels, he, in his tie and wingtips) ……

………Then I have a winner!

My carriage, posture and gait are more confident, flattering and professional in high heeled shoes.  

Not the 5″ heels that women have to lean on a man to wear!  And yes, I own a pair-bought them to wear with a very tall guy!

I am talking manageable heels, 2 1/2″-4″ heels.  My high heel shoes are part of my ensemble.  They complement my style and my gait. 

A woman’s shoe must meet specific criteria to get my interest, to try on, and then, most importantly, to purchase.

Do the shoes appeal to my want for design, style, artistry and workmanship…all while making the shoes wearable!

Then, of course-

  • Can I walk the streets of NYC?
  • Am I able to dance in them?
  • Can I make a jump shot?

I have to admit the two shoes below were Spring 2013 standouts for me, though the Cole Haan would be questionable in the ability to play some backyard basketball!

They stayed with me, drawing me in for their style, comfort and feminine appeal.  

True the Cole Haan are not timeless.  What they are-stylish, memorable, comfortable the minute I step into them.

 Do your heels carry you where you want to go?!


2 thoughts on “Can You Make A Jump Shot in Those High Heels!

  1. I love this post; I am a high heels gal too. I think it was Marilyn Monroe that said “Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” (of course–they have to high heels, and she needs to be able to walk in them).

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