Tasteful With an Air of Style

Clean Tie KnotMy morning coffee added a blend of style today.

There is a local coffee spot I head to very early to write.  Creativity abounds as the sun rises.

This morning I looked up from my coffee to find a stylish father ordering breakfast for his young daughter.

Captured in a moment’s glance the sum of this stylish man’s ensemble.  

The bold tortoise eye glasses currently in style framed his face and hair cut.  

Standing 6’3″ he wore a blue dress shirt fitted proportionately to his frame.  

The broader spread collar construction curved and shaped effectively against the narrow knot of his diagonally woven plaid tie.  

He wore grey flat front pants, belted with trim legs…Finished off with rich brown loafers and no socks,

The style worked.

My motto- “If I see something, I have to say something.”

I had to ask what business he was in-‘development.‘  Then I asked what labels he was wearing.

Nice job J. Crew, you got my attention.  

This stylish man knows what works…..FOR HIMSELF!


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