Timeless Quality

Singer Manufacturing

Strolling around SoHo NYC my senses continually absorb inspiration,

Be it color, beauty, character, wit or style, this designer’s eyes never cease to roam.

NYC is one of the cities you should pause to look up from.  The architecture on some buildings is truly inspiring.

I did that.   In the midst of the masses of people, I looked up.  

There to my surprise was the ironwork signage for Singer Manufacturing Company!

How in the world I had never paused on that particular street to look up is utterly baffling.  

Yet, I did this day, and was I awash with pleasure at the find!

Singer is one of the longstanding companies built with quality and customer in mind.  

The parts, functionality, and even our catch phrase ‘ease of use‘ existed then.  

One of my most treasured gifts was my high school graduation gift of a portable Singer sewing machine!  

A very big thing to possess at that time.

So, seeing this sign was just that….               A reminder there are companies that built products to last.  

Workmanship, pride and putting the customer first, a rare treat.        

Even rarer, I still use the machine to this day!


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