NYC Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is Rei Kawakubo, designer of Comme des Garcons’ inspiration.

NYC is the third site location, after London and Ginza/Tokyo.

It is a mixed pleasure of old, modern, contemporary, avant garde, creative, artistic, and surprising!

What better way to feast on all the visual inspiration-clothing, display and fixtures, than pairing my apparel design slant alongside my longtime friend who does interiors and photography!

Each floor offered exclusive designs created for the NYC Dover Market Street location-Pure Imagination!  

There were a number of designers that got my attention by their effort in pushing the envelope ever so slightly more to create the Spring 2014 exclusive designs. 

Sensory overload was just the burst of creative inspiration that led us to a day of artistic finds throughout NYC.

By the way, some of the best creativity were the staff and their hairdos!!

If you get to NYC, make sure you head to the location.  They are already getting the store ready for the Fall 2014 collections.

Below are Spring 2014 runway design collection images to view.


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