Crispness in the Air, Style on My Mind

Rich Berry Color Hue

Despite our best efforts to deny it, summer is fast approaching the final month of a freedom perceived by time, vacations and clothing!

As I enjoy watching the various fashion clothing images being pinned by others from my Pinterest account.

I begin to imagine my fall wardrobe already!

So many great ideas have appeared in the Pre-Fall & Fall 2014 fashions.  

For me, right away I begin to think about color, dress silhouettes, and at least one

jacket style that would be a core silhouette to throw over anything as I walk out the door…to everything!

Here are a few pins I am beginning to envision for my fall wardrobe ensembles.

Love the colors, seaming, fit and overall silhouette!

 Love the jacket silhouette, detail, and length….perfect jacket cut to put over a dress or pants!

Elegant and glamorous…perfect white blouse!  

The sleek lines and neckline complement the dress color!

Love this color orange! Already Thinking what to add to my wardrobe in this color!!

I am always on the look out for something that surprises me!

What have you begun to pick out?




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