What Fashion Labels Do You Crave!

Style & Fit

My Mannequin

How many of you ladies have an immediate design label favorite!

Yet how many of you actually can wear the labels you crave!

Imagine this………..

You are 6’1″……

  • size 10 USA along the bust
  • narrow waist
  • nice hip curve, say size 18 USA.  

Would you say this is the silhouette of a Chanel customer?

I would.  Rather… she should be.

My friend loves the Chanel looks.  She has this wildly full, blonde hair as fabulous as she is.

Her ‘crave’ to wear Chanel is precisely why I say ‘Re-Think Design’.  

I envision her in the signature tweed fabric, the jewel neck open front jacket and long sleeved cuff, fringed as the legend would.  

Showcasing her narrow waist the short jacket lands about the waist.   Minimal details, classic lines, like my friend.

Complementing the jacket, are soft, flowing crepe pants- flat front, side zipper and wider bell leg bottom to balance her female curve.

Just as Broadway artists desire to perform to a packed house, we designers want to see our creations being worn stylishly on the street runway.  

Re-thinking design allows more consumers to wear the labels they crave! 

 Thanks to Chanel’s Pinterest I came across a few jacket ideas that come to mind.



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