I glanced over at the closet this morning.  It was left partially open.  

To my surprise, the artist in me paused.  

Head tilted, I looked at the clothing pieces peeking out.

Unconsciously, the colors came forward…then the fabric textures.  

I thought to myself there is a pretty palette.

Then it hit me!

The wardrobe pieces peering out at me, reflected distinction in colors, textures, and garment design silhouettes.  

As a long time fashion industry NY’er, black has been my wardrobe color of choice for decades.

So it came as quite a jolt to my already caffeinated thoughts, that these few clothes showing themselves actually captured different personalities, roles and phases experienced over the years!

Career Contemporary..Classic Luxury..Elegant..Feminine..Timeless Evening..Witty Casual.  

So many roles to play…so many adventures to have…so many clothes to experience!  

Take a peek at your wardrobe to see what it says!



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