I Look To Women’s Jackets First

Saxby DesignNo matter what I search, research for in clothing, design labels-

From online, e-commerce, App or catalog-designer or design brand……   

I go to jackets first.

My obvious reason is a lifetime wearing a signature look of statement jackets of my own Saxby Design.

My love of the JACKET started early on, styling a look that would have me more grown up and professional.  

My clothing designs were my voice before I trusted my own actual speaking voice.

My own creations began evolving when I noticed everything became more finished when I ‘threw a jacket’ on.   

My jacket designs garnered attention by those I encountered, leading to artistic successes for clients and collections. 

I invest a great deal of time observing various jacket designs, styles, silhouettes available to consumers.

I always welcome finding something that catches my creative eye.  

Even more, something that catches my consumer’s eye.

I enjoy social media and technology in querying any kind of design inspiration at my finger tips.  

It gives an even platform for all the designers looking to introduce their inspirations to all.

I am a tactile woman.  

I want to be able to feel, touch, savor an actual garment and all the creation details.

I am quite excited to see other designers’ inspired Spring 2015 jacket looks on the runway!! 

What do you look to first?


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