Design Collections That Tell A Story

Some one recently mentioned to me that all the stories have been said.  He was referring to movies.

I silently thought to myself, not all stories.

There arstyle runway (600x800)e new stories everyday.  Some are reprisals from another era, or decade.

Some are uncomplicated, some are thrillers, and some are classics to be told for years to come.

In this instance, I am referring to seasonal fashion collection stories.

These exciting days of NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway collections showcase the stuff where (some) legends are made of.

Some are wonderful standouts, where  I am eager to see what the next ensemble to walk the catwalk will be.

There are others that present a clean, classic voice, maintaining the designer’s continued signature story season after season, much like romance novels.

Yet, others, be they first timers or labels we recognize, leave us with questions and puzzled expressions.

There are also the timeless labels I know that maintain integrity to their loyal consumers.

Sure, we all have our favorites. I look forward to particular labels to lead and  surprise me with fresh ideas.

As an avid reader, I am always looking for a good page turner.  

Which designers have created some success stories this past week for you?




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