That Looks Just Like Something She Would Wear!

‘ThaCelebrity Fashion Stylet looks like something Jennifer Lopez would wear!’…or…

‘That look is made for Gwyneth Paltrow!’

Some designers may view the observation as a success, maybe others would see it differently.

As someone continually looking at each garment individually-

Each wardrobe addition should be a supporting character in a client’s life.

Seeing a celebrity first when looking at a runway design look, may prove an uphill battle.

What that means to me, a design consultant, is that if I see the celebrity upon first glance, chances are my client’s friends will see it also.

My mission is always to showcase EACH client’s beauty-  

A style deemed perfect for a celebrity muse, intentional or not,  may not provide the ‘supporting character role’ our clothes  are cast to showcase each of us as the leading lady(or man) of our own every day story.  

Next time you go shopping, look at the garments that you try on.  Ask yourself,  ‘Can this piece be cast as a supporting character in my wardrobe?’  If not, keep looking!


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