Best Foot Forward…In Style!

Shoes with StyleStep out….. ‘Putting Your Best Foot Forward!

Best foot forward means many things.

 Dress Appropriately.  

Dress for Occasion.

Dress for 1st Impressions.

Dress for the job you want rather than what you have.  

And Of Course… Dress Stylishly!!

Shoes usually are the complement to one’s attire.  

When I coach individuals for interviews, networking, business meetings, functions, etc., I always suggest the focus is on your face and what you have to say.  

Shoes that make a statement….and I personally love shoes that make a statement…. 

May not give you the ‘Edge‘ you may seek when ‘Putting Your Best Foot Forward.’

That being said, Once you have made the right first impression-

Nothing better than a pair of memorable shoes to celebrate!

Here are some Fall 2014 styles that ‘Got My Attention!




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