Shape of Things to Come…Into Style

Collar ShapeShaping our day in many ways begins with shaping our wardrobe.

We all have things we study, research and review for continual knowledge in our own industry market.

I continually assess clothing  artistry, craftsmanship and workmanship of what is presented to today’s consumers.

Driven by my mission to highlight the fashion industry design brands that provide every consumer

with style  …informed knowledge on their garment fit …understanding of product workmanship

…and one’s own wardrobe voice to enter each day memorably.

Here are some Style Integrity Fall 2014 Women’s designs pinned to my Pinterest reference boards,

Each design highlights silhouettes through nicely done garment workmanship.  

Notice the finished shaping of the dress and jacket hems…

…the collar and lapel shaping

…and the feminine fitting of each design silhouette.



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