Suit Up!

Ready to plunge into the day with the right complement to your smile!

Dressed with StyleNothing looks more finished than a man styled in the right jacket!

Here are the design details everyone must notice in the dressing room mirror to ensure each jacket complements one’s body shape.

I AM TALKING TO YOU BOTH– ladies and gentlemen!

How a jacket fits, along with the proportion of the garment details are aspects of understanding if the jacket is to be yours.

The bullets below are included when I assess a client’s fit.

  • Lapel
  • Collar
  • Position of first jacket button, the number of buttons
  • The across shoulder on jacket in relationship to the client’s shoulder
  • Length of jacket to one’s back length, how it fits in circumference
  • The sleeve armhole width-make sure it fits neatly around
  • The sleeve setting should follow the client’s shoulder slope and stance
  • Even the fabric pattern repeat size(look below at the plaid size in relationship to the jacket silhouette and the model’s body shape.)

……signify whether the jacket is right for you.

Below are Fall 2014 runway ensembles that made my Pinterest boards for style, shaping, proportion/fit, garment details, and fabric.

Notice on the below image:

The lapel roll as well as the jacket fit at the chest.  The collar and lapel widths are in proportion to the man’s shoulder width.

Let the mirror show you the reflection of your style!


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