Entering The Heart of Your Style

Style ElegancePeople have a tendency to open their closets to me.  

Mostly, it is to tackle the job at hand, determining their wardrobe style in complement to their body silhouette and lifestyle.

I learn a lot from the closet…

From the client’s body language, their eyes lighting up when glancing at a particular garment…even the colors, styles, and amount of clothes found in the closet.  

Maybe a garment held a place for a memory…

how it made them feel…who was with them when they were wearing it…

…or any number of sentimental reasons for it’s presence in their closet.

I am always brought to the ‘presence of the moment’ when I work with the client as a ‘live mannequin.’  

Many are willing participants, still there are others who are not.  

Most closets have a theme of items.  I have come to see that these numerous category types are statements to the person in their every day lives.

The industry professional in me also uses this window on a client-by-client basis to see what is being worn by what body silhouettes, what lifestyles, and how well the labels truly fit the client.

My role for these ‘closet escapades’ is a Style & Fit Advisor.  

I make sure the client understands their body shape, what to look for in the dressing room mirror, and suggested labels that they should seek out.

It is also a session to remind people to see the beauty I see…to embrace their body shape…and to remember their worthiness.

Ready-to-Wear clothing we select across multiple shopping experiences is just that- READY-TO-WEAR.  

It is important to find the design/brand labels and silhouettes that best suit your body silhouette!

Go out each day to be the best person you can be.  

As Oscar Wilde said, “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken!

Thank you for indulging me with an additional blog today.     

A spark of a memory led me to putting the words to ‘paper!’

Style Integrity…seeing beauty everywhere!


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