Portrait Style Framed


Saxby DesignHow many of you are familiar with Johannes Vermeer’s “A Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting?

If you do, you recognize the girl’s famous posed silhouette.

Her headdress and collar frame her face, giving focus to her expression and the pearl earring.

I remind clients that one’s face should be framed, as if a portrait.

The importance of the right collar, it’s height, or even neckline, lends to distraction or focus.  

What you have to ‘SAY‘ is the focus!

Clothing  necklines should be the ‘frame’ to your own masterpiece!

What priceless work of art comes to mind when you look in the mirror at yours?

Below are necklines that got my attention for the workmanship, style, detailing, and overall, complement to the faces in the images.   

Style Integrity can be found everywhere!!


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