I Would Totally Wear Something Like That!

Timeless Style Jacket & CuffsExcuse me…Excuse me!!!

I turn around and there I find a nicely dressed business woman, breathless, pausing  to straighten her skirt. 

Yes?  As she momentarily struggles with her heels, she pulls herself up to full height, composing herself.

…’I just have to ask, where did you get that jacket?’      

‘ I absolutely love it!’     ‘I would totally wear something like that!’

I smile, thank her for the compliment.    Then I tell her it is one of my designs.

The woman obviously wasn’t expecting the answer. 

As if trying to comprehend what I said…’ So where can I buy it?’

I said it was a one-of-a kind design that I made in a previous season’s collection, no longer available.

Visibly disappointed, she smiles.

As she turns away, she remarks one last time, how she wishes she could find something like that in the stores.

Though being chased down the street is slightly surprising, it is definitely something a designer wants to hear!

Consumers everywhere are chasing after clothing that they would wear season after season…sometimes it is harder to find it!

…..Style can be found everywhere, even on the street!


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