In Fashion…Sometimes In Style

Hues of BlueOver the weekend I was catching up with a long time photographer friend on a photo shoot we had done together.

After the initial laughter of the hairstyles back then, the mishaps with lighting and a nervous model, we reminisced about some of the clothes during the shoot.  

Some of my creations were ‘IN FASHION’ for the time, though today, would raise eyebrows to the evident fashion era when shot!  

There was one ensemble that I still remember fondly.  

In fact, if I hadn’t worn it out from wear, it would still be included in my wardrobe.  

The surprising color-a deep peacock soft wool with multitudes of colored flecks throughout certainly belied the idea of it… A TIMELESS LOOK TODAY.

The long coat fell to the back of my calves.  

In keeping with a definite focus, the front had a classic lapel, and inset pockets  

The straight sleeve was devoid of any design or trim detail.  

The back of the jacket…. that was where MY DESIGN FOCUS GOT IT’S ATTENTION.  

Set into a seamed empire band, were several soft box pleats.creating a flattering silhouette along the back with movement as the pleats fell open further down.

A perfect definition to ‘ENTER MEMORABLY,’ the sway of my gait KEPT TIME WITH MOVEMENT of the coat.

The slim trousers, flat front with straight leg created the legs for the jacket to stand on, or to STAND OUT IN!  

I still remember HOW I FELT wearing the ensemble, and find myself almost smiling as I type away!

The stance I posed for the final shot-

Hands on hips, back to camera, gaze off to the side, the fan at the shoot, had the jacket hem moving.  

Thinking back now, the photo shoot stance looked like a FASHION CAPED CRUSADER!

Though neither of us could find an image from that photo shoot.  

I think it still makes for a visual without it!

Do you have a relationship hidden away in your wardrobe?!


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