Style Gazing

Style EverywhereI routinely pass the time watching people walk by.


I research the person, the clothing they wear, how it is put together and how it fits.

From a discrete viewpoint I chose my ‘FRONT ROW SEAT‘ at a chosen retail store…mall…any one of a number of places where I can take in the diversity of passersby.  

I must say, one of my favorites is-airport terminals!

I settle my gaze, sometimes pointedly in a direction or department(in the case of a store). 

Other times peripherally.  

I enjoy the exercise in malls and airports where I can observe some out of the corner of my eye.

Just by how people carry themselves, I sense what I might find when I turn my focus to someone in particular.  

Being familiar with so many men’s & women’s label target sizing, I also take in what labels are being worn, and if there is a win.

Those ‘WINS‘ sometimes get me ‘OUT OF MY SEAT’ to let the person know what I noticed.  

I always enjoy their flustered and relieved expressions, as if thinking, ‘whew, NICE TO BE NOTICED!

Then there are those where the ill-fitting clothes almost ‘COMPROMISE‘ themselves.  

This is my diplomatic way of noticing whether clothes strain, to the brink of seeing more than we should!

If your eye is drawn to a part of the ensemble, say bosom, or guy’s-below the waist-then the CLOTHING IS NOT THE RIGHT FIT!

Those times, I shake my head, make my notes on what I see, and whisper to myself...



Style Integrity Can Be Found Anywhere!


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