Style on a Street Corner

Stylized Mural Art

Faded Mural Art Along Asbury Park Boulevard

Maneuvering among the morning rush hour crush of bodies,     I remain alert to my ‘body space‘ while continually eyeing openings along the sidewalk.

I pass other commuters while trying to keep my walker’s form so that the pace is still beneficial as my morning exercise.

Halfway down the block, in scoping out the next ‘opening’ I see a head above others in the pack before me.

He is moving briskly as well.  

All of a sudden I am in race car mode as if trying to improve my time while setting my pace at the heels of this man.

The gap shortens slightly until I get ahead of the pack.          Then I see exactly what I sensed at the first ‘head’s up.’

This tall, slender framed man is the epitome of NY style!  

He is wearing a midnight navy coat that hits above the knee while the fit complements his body frame.

The peg leg dark navy pants rest on the black Dr. Marten style boots, complete with a recent shoe shine.

He has a black leather square messenger styled case resting across at his lower back.

The black turtle neck peaks out from above the coat collar.  

His navy knitted slouchie beanie is the perfect finishing touch to the overall ensemble.

But, you ask, what got my attention in the first place?  

His head… above the others moving in sync with his gait.

That, you see, is the true completion!  

I am at my street corner, he makes a right onto his destination.    I find myself in contemplation

One foot planted-waiting for the red light to change.  The other foot idling back & forth as if waiting for the signal, to make a right to follow this good looking man, who obviously knows his style.

Alas, the light changed, and the decision is made for me!

(Below Pinterest pins are ideas toward what I saw)

Style Integrity…can be found in a stranger on a street corner!


2 thoughts on “Style on a Street Corner

  1. You had me walking right along with you – I could feel the adrenaline flow as I mentally sped up to keep step with you as you tried to catch up to the well dressed stranger. That was fun!

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