Life is Not Black & White

Black, White & Color StyleLife is NOT Black & White.

Life is more than a job.  Life is to see color…to see purpose…to see fun!

I live my life in a series of experiences, opportunities, journeys.  

I continue to have the most astounding collection of opportunities come my way because I stay true to my craft, my passion, my desire…for seeing the best in each garment ensemble…AND….THE person walking within the clothes!

If your approach to each day is ‘By having to go to a job,’

then maybe you should re-look at your day. 

When did your eyes last light up explaining something that made a difference to you or someone else?  

When did you embrace the unexpected!

We all have a level of creativity in us.  We all have something worthy to share and contribute to our community, to our industry, to our lives.

Even the black and white tv’s of yesteryear had various dimensions of black, white and grey on the screen.

I look at each person as a work of art—-In Living Color!

So when someone asks what your job is….PAUSE….SMILE……and say…to be HAPPY, and then story tell what you imagine it as! 

Years ago I went to a Black & White ball in San Francisco.  The entire event, from start to finish was full of laughter, glamour, music, great food, meeting new people, and being in the moment!

As the NY’er, there are always various levels of black in my closet.  I chose a sequin dress, making my bracelets and earrings the statement.

One of the women I joined the evening with, chose color to wear!  The corset was vibrant to match her hair, style and personality!

The giggles as I worked my magic drawing the back of the corset tight, created an absolutely authentic start to the evening!

Adding a dash of color to black and white always adds sparkle!  

Don’t forget to add color to your day!

The above photo is a glimpse of myself with my friend before the ball.  You can guess who the NY’er is and who the San Franciscan is!!


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