No Jeans….

Could you do it…

Could you go without wearing jeans for a year….a month….a week…or even a day!

For some of you, I imagine your addiction to jeans in your wardrobe, is as addicting for me in having strong, dark coffee!

…Going without is not an option!  It is part of the everyday occurrence…..maybe your jeans are your friends!

A recent conversation with a high school girl whose school’s dress code says No to jeans brought my own memories flooding back.

This may come as a surprise…. but for YEARS I never wore jeans

When I went to school, jeans were not allowed.  In fact, pants were not allowed, so that is entertaining in itself!

Funny thing, when I got out of the school dress code shackles, jeans lost the appeal for possession!

It was many years later, that my first pair of jeans entered my wardrobe…

They had elephant bottoms!  

Not boot cut flares…not even bell bottoms….they had honest-to- goodness ‘elephant bottoms.‘    I loved them!  

They were fitted along the leg to the knee, then….instant flare.  Think about gorgeous fitted evening gowns where the layers and miles of skirt ‘trumpet‘ out below the hip.    Do you see it…..that is how wide they were!

I learned early how to stand properly keeping my posture straight, one foot in front of another.  

Taking the stairs was an ‘imagined entrance to a ball.’  

I moved one step at a time, moving each hip so the ‘skirt’ of the pant leg billowed in front of me.  Each step gave me enough timing til the next step.  I got very good at it.  

It only takes one trip on the stairs, almost breaking an ankle, to find a better way to keep the jeans in your wardrobe!

I think now, I may have those jeans to thank for my gait today.

Between the platform shoes and the massive bell bottom flare, I either had to learn how to carry myself with a suave air or shuffle like a geisha girl in her kimono and wooden platform shoes, in fear of toppling!

I just think fondly-

Maybe one’s first jeans should be like a first kiss.  Something to anticipate…

Style To Be Remembered with a Smile!!


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