Style in Fun & Function

Style EverywhereDo you have one of those days that you find yourself crossing the threshold to “Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash!

Do you want to head to the door with purpose or do you flee by road trip to chase the snowflakes!

Doing the right thing, or doing something that makes you happy!  

Some days it is not the same thing!  For many that can be said about one’s wardrobe.

Function and…or fun.  We forget that the function of CLOTHES has FUN in it!

There are times I just ‘Want to Go‘ when I see the choices of clothing people give to fun and more importantly, function!!

I think it’s time to showcase the fun in STYLE!

It’s fast approaching the holiday season.  I think it’s the perfect time to begin unfolding more fun in your style, leading to fun in your stocking!

Should you stay or should you go.… I hope you stay and find more fun to be found visiting Style Integrity!


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