Fashionable Boots Keep Me Standing

Snow FashionWaking to Snow.  

Yes, it is beautiful.  Yes, I love the hush of it’s fall.  And of course, the white covers all the bareness found between seasons.  

The color is a great complement to all the fall/winter wardrobe choices.

After all the calm and smiles peering out the window…there is a drop in my shoulders….ugh, time for winter boots!

Two days ago I would have had a different reaction to this morning’s snow.

 However, an impromptu mini excursion to various stores afforded me a boot winner.  I must say, at first it was an exhaustive search that filled my senses with rows and rows of endless boots.

 Amazingly, few boots were truly winter boots.  

For those of you who must function in a snow belt part of the world, it means boots that provide both thermal warmth and functional material on the outer part of the boot.

And of course, “Where oh Where” are the ‘tastefully styled winter boots’ to be found!  

Yes, I am a woman that always wears heels.  Yet, even I would not wear a heel the height I have seen that has no possibility of saving you from landing on your buttocks maneuvering the snow!

Numerous major retail store shoe departments, and several well named shoe stores later, I found a boot that met my criteria…stylish, functional, made well with warmth in mind.  

Two pluses to this successful find….Value(meaning price equaled my Criteria)… And Timeless Style!  

So, I am off–

To step into the winter white, on my way to meet with a couple fashion store owners of the area.  As one always on the look out for regional fashion and style, I know my stylish boots will keep me on my feet!!

Style…Integrity…Function…Fashion… and most of all, FUN!!


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