Style, Smile & Seating

Skirt Pleat DetailShe had STYLE without realizing it.  

She exuded a command of her Body Movements in such Bold Style.  

As she greeted us I was struck by her height and silhouette… Tall & Curvaceous.  

She had combed out her kinked hair to a fullness that balanced with her shoulders and the curve of her hips.

As she escorted us to our table I watched in fascination as her curve shaped buttocks moved individually- one then another.  

Her hips seemed totally aware of what they had to show off, letting a rhythm linger in your head as she moved.  

I sat myself down, blurring out everything around me, including my lunch companion.

Focused in my own creative thoughts, I began running through my head what ‘Striking Dress Design Details’ would do justice to this Woman’s Silhouette and Gait!  


Every day I watch people.  Some strike with such animated expression, I feel like I am in a 3-D movie.  

I take in every element of what they are conveying.  

Some Every Day Characters impact me so creatively, I want to pull out my Design Sketch Pad, draw out an ideal Ensemble that complements their musical Gait.  

With a quick final stroke of my Pencil, I would hand over the design sketch, and say ‘THIS’- IS WHAT YOU SHOULD GO FIND TO WEAR!’!

There are many of these stories that stay with me.  This woman clearly was one of them.  

I decided the next best thing I could do was compile ideal components of what I would see ‘Gracing Her Silhouette.’ 

Pulled from my Pinterest Style Integrity design component boards are elements I envisioned for this hostess who had me mentally ‘Pull out my Sketch Pad!

1. The NECKLINE/BODICE((Deep V-Slit-to above bust/rounded jewel neckline at the back; Bodice front, angled darts at the bust; Bodice back fitted with vertical darts along shoulder blades)

2. SLEEVE(Fitted, to above her elbow)

3. SKIRT(seamed at the waist/multi-gored full skirt, not gathered.  It should sway with her gait)

4. SHOULDER SHEATH(across the front/shoulders for evening)

5. FOOTWEAR(makes a statement balancing her silhouette and the skirt)




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