Style Hanger Appeal

hangertexture Style & Color Attract Me to a Garment…like a ‘shiny object‘ seen in the water.

I ‘ooh and aah,’ as it lights up ‘In My Eyes.  

I walk toward it.  I reach out to touch it.  And then….

It can end up a ‘Touch and Go’ scenario……….

HANGER APPEAL is like a first date!


It Doesn’t Get a SECOND LOOK!!!

 It’s a tough one!  Certainly most designers and retailers don’t want consumers to think like me.

Let me say, I will certainly go over to greet the garment.      Afterall, it got my attention in the first place.  

May have been the Color…May have been a Detail on the garment…Maybe the Silhouette…or even the Fabric itself.

However, like any good designer or retailer wants to know- ‘What‘ made ‘My Potential Consumer‘ stop short from buying!

Let me use the example of a sweater I reached for on Black Friday.  Yes, I was there!

It was a sweater, folded on a display table in a prominent spot, at the mall entrance of the Lord & Taylor store.

What Got My Attention-

  • The Color Choices-rich hues, perfect for winter or holiday
  • The way the sweaters were Folded and Displayed on the front table
  • The open Sweater Knit Weave, as if a crocheted sweater.
  • The Texture of the Yarn-I ALWAYS run my hand along a Garment for Feel and Comfort.
  • The COO-I ALWAYS look at the Country of Origin on every garment.  It is my informal way of researching Quality, Workmanship.

Just like certain criteria when meeting someone on a ‘first date‘, the sweater had passed all the above.

So, what stopped me from picking it up To Try On….       the NECKLINE!

The scooped neckline was not tightly woven and secure.  One wear or one hand wash, and the neckline stability would be completely limp. From this Fit Integrity Expert’s perspective, it should not have made it out of the QA(quality insurance at the factory).

If any of you were paying attention, my criteria did not include the DESIGN LABEL!

Some consumers only buy certain labels.

For me, I like it when I find something unexpected.  The label I would deem for a younger target audience, yet the style was ‘neutral’ enough that it would be a seller across multiple target markets.  It was both a stylish garment and a basic sweater with a design twist.

Like a first date, there is excitement at what you see.  Once you are past the introductions is when you have to consider whether it is worth a second look!!


 Style Integrity makes it past the first date!!



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