Festive Fashion & Fun

greenspinecones - Copy (800x577)Christmas Day is less than two weeks away!   In fact, two weeks from today, it will all be over with!

For those of you, like me, who keep thinking there is plenty of time left to shop, write cards, even make gifts, let me remind you that the last days of shipping and delivery are upon us!  

I look forward to this festive time of the year.

Then it becomes a blur with all the tasks to do, people to see, food to make, gifts to be wrapped and entertaining to be done.

Family Christmases many years ago, I used to make gifts every year for my four siblings and parents.  Always busy working two or three jobs at a time, led to each Christmas a game for family members.  

For as the years went on, my creative free time got more abbreviated.  

Each Christmas morning it was a guessing game as to which family member would get a complete garment and which would get a sketch of the garment with varying degrees of completion!

It always brought about the wildest bouts of laughter as to how far the garments were completed.  

Of course, the topping on the gift was I really don’t like wrapping gifts.  You would think a creative person would make pretty packages!  Not me, brown paper grocery bags, stapled shut and a red bow at the top-instant signature packaging!! 

It is the brown paper bags that bring me to remind us that we all have a signature style , yet the best gift is on the inside of us all!  


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