New Year Style, with Integrity & Promise


2015 is underway.  January is already halfway through.  Style paused temporarily due to the single digit weather!

Does anyone else feel like the pace of the past two weeks lends to the belief that we should be further into the year!

Good thing technology/social media keeps us productive hibernating in front of a roaring fire!

Every evening sunset takes place a little later, giving promise for a little more daylight!

I for one, use the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as a measure for an upbeat stride towards warmer weather!

The end of this week offers the promise of  a long seasonal feast of Spring 2015 fashions.  

The enticement of what might be fresh, creative, artistic and authentic, has me preparing my ‘to-do’ of show collections from all the fashionable cities.  (Here are the links for the show dates)

Mercedes Benz 2015 Fashion Week Calendar

Mode `a Paris Fashion Shows

Time to begin passionately, boldly, putting our best fashionably styled foot forward, boots and all!

Look forward to pinning ‘What Gets My Attention’ to my Style Integrity Pinterest boards! 


Image above is a nod to Veuve Clicquot Brut, my preferred taste to savor in any celebration!


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