Do You Like What I am Wearing

Men's StyleDo I look alright?

A recent meeting with a colleague led to his confession at the outset of our conversation that he took extra time choosing what to wear when he knew he would be seeing me.

This man is not the first.  

There are many men in my life who once they know what I do for a living….

They straighten their clothing, get a little quiet and uncomfortably ask if- ‘What They are Wearing Looks Good.’

The uncertainty of what they are wearing becomes so palpable that once I smile, say yes, point something out complementary they are wearing…. they visibly exhale… stand taller and believe they have passed a test!

It is not about the price tag.  

It is not about the latest fashions. 

Nor about the label

…or even where it was purchased.  

For me, style is how comfortable a man is with who he is, how he carries himself; clearly understands his body shape and what looks well on him.  For when a man understands his own style, how the clothes should fit, then respect for himself exudes confidence.

There is the true attraction.

Style Integrity is found in every man (and woman) I encounter.


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