Style Becomes The Man

Businessman Making Electronic Notes in AirportThe Men’s Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Week Shows have been upon us.  

Always a feast for the eyes!

The rich colors, hues, workmanship and fit take hold of my trained eye.

As always I look for styles, complementary designs, colors and textures telling stories for the man who welcomes a new addition to his wardrobe.

Like the women’s collection shows, men have choices to inspire their shopping, their wardrobe and of course, their own brand story.

I enjoy viewing each and every clothing ensemble to get my senses stimulated.  

The lover of clothes finds herself at wits with the style integrity expert during these show assessments. As I have mentioned before, I know too much.  

That means, I put each design garment under scrutiny to see if it ‘Gets My Attention.’    Does it make my Pinterest boards.  Each season I bring to my viewers seasonal ensembles that have offered design, style, integrity, workmanship and proportion.

My male clients just as my female clients expect advisement on what works for their style, fit, and proportion, while offering insight on garment workmanship, fit, design and value.  

That means I am not only looking at a designer’s creations; I am looking at the live mannequin they are choosing to present their creative inspirations.

I have many suit ensembles to choose from this season.  Nothing is more of a win, then getting me to pause at a runway ensemble, allowing me to savor every aspect of the artistry.  Here is where so many lose their design success.  

The clothing must fit the designer’s expression.  It also must ‘Fit’ the model.

Sometimes the integrity of the style is lost because the model has not reached enough life experience to ‘Fill Out the Design.’  Before you say, WHAT?!…..

I believe there is a level of style integrity, design integrity that some designers meet in their showcase, others fall short.  It is not enough to present a collection. Some of the Fall 2015 models appear so young that I am distracted by whether the design is a ‘style win.’  That being said, models should differ for the younger, fresh looks, and designs, intentionally catered to Millennial.  

The other aspect I assess is the workmanship of the clothing shown.  We know the collections are ‘Ready-To-Wear‘ so there comes a level of limitation to how the clothing may fit.   However, on the runway, ill-fitting clothes should not be apparent.  We all know the models are all typically taller than the designer’s ‘fit model.’  Yet we in the design industry have a responsibility to inspire our consumers to buy our collections while showing them how it should Fit….

Below are a few men’s ensembles that caught my eye so far!!!

Style Integrity….Design Integrity….Style Becomes The Man!


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