A Styled Brand Experience

 Style Brand ExperienceI still remember seeing these shoes.  

Sitting in a Barcelona shoe store, floor to ceiling windows poured sunlight throughout the shoe store.  The terra-cotta color of the walls felt cozy and warm.  The store was filled with activity, yet I felt as if I was touring the store privately.  The store layout aisles allowed me to lay my hands upon each shoe that ‘spoke‘ to me.  Shoe design details sparkle first…then the color.  This shoe beckoned me to be picked up.  My examination of the heel and sole, are my deciding factors to a shoe design continuity success(there has to be just as much design thought with the heel & sole).  These did it for me!  I loved the entire shoe!  I found my own little perch to try them on.  They won me over.  Calling me to take them home. I was in love.

The shoe designer and the retail store gave me the brand experience I still remember.  The entire experience grabbed my attention and stayed in my memory bank.

I wore the shoes three times. That was all the time I got before the white piping trim detail started peeling, revealing the cording inside.

I only just relinquished these shoes I have adored for years.  They have gone onto a charity donation.  Despite letting me down with the quality and workmanship, I still smiled with melancholy as I handed the treasures over.

Creating a memorable brand experience is what customer engagement speaks of.  Yet, just as importantly, today, The end-time of any product comes when you stop using it.  When it does, your memory of the brand experience will be highly influenced by ‘why’ and the ‘how’ your product’s life ended.” Quote taken from Design Council’s ‘Creating a Memorable Brand Experience.’

As we, designers, continue to create products of artistry and value, it is our responsibility to deliver a product(or service) that meets the expectation of impeccable workmanship, for ensured brand loyalty.  

Style Integrity Makes the Brand Experience Memorable!




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