Style Integrity Tools

Saxby DesignTools of the Trade.”    

You hear that phrase in many specialty professions, including ‘Designer.’                                                               We, Artists, create a ‘Work of Art.’  

We make our dreams come alive.  We must express ourselves.  We must share with the world our creations…our visions…our innovations.

It could be a dress…a story… a song…or a souffle.

My tools do the talking.  They become one with me, and together our creation is something to appreciate.  

I am very protective of these tools!  Don’t let me catching you using my shears on paper!

The right tools offer the foundation to Creative Expression.  For me, without one of these tools, my design story has not been fully told.

  • My Montblanc pen. Black ink, fine point.        Like a well worn baseball mitt, my pen molds to my hand   Stories flow through me onto the paper, free from a skip in ink or smudges on my inspired story.
  • My Mechanical pencil.     The grip, the solid lead lines as I draft the patttern for my creation.  The thinner lead mechanical pencil, for sketching out the inspiration in my head.

  • My Rulers.     Every line or curve drafted is executed with precise thought to how the garment will hang on the ideal person.

  • My Wiss Shears.  Left-Handed, 10″ Dressmaker. 

                   Like a violinist’s bow or a chef’s knife, my shears are the ‘accompanist’ to the music I create.

What tools do you use to tell your story…to express your creative inspiration.  

The right tools provide the foundation to respect your works of art

Style Integrity Begins With Principle, Discipline and the Right Tools.


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