Style Integrity-See What I See

Style ArtistrySeems like, you, my viewers, ‘See What I See!‘  

Style Integrity is at the core of Men’s & Women’s fashion.  

The Style Integrity Pinterest ‘Likes’ & ‘Repins‘ continue to add up for design ensemble standouts.

 In good measure, I thought it was fitting to break down the reasons these fashionable ensembles ‘Got My Attention.‘  #styleintegrity

Balenciaga’s Resort 2014 Dress:

  • The uniquely designed/shaped neckline/bodice and dress back view
  • The accurate fit along the bodice 
  • The waist seam, and hip line landing proportionately to the model’s silhouette
  • The skirt circumference proportionately shaped to overall dress design
  • The length of the dress hits in a complementary point of the model’s legs

Vivienne Westwood’s Resort 2014 Dress:

  • The uniquely designed collar
  • The fitted, pinned detail along the bodice front
  • The sleeve length, banded detail and overall design pattern sleeve shape(minus the slight addition at shoulder seam)
  • Where the dress waist/hip lines hit accurately to the model’s silhouette
  • The skirt circumference to the overall garment detail proportion
  • The hem lands at the narrow part of leg, creating a complementary line

Men, you are dear to my heart…fashionably speaking.  Afterall, my NYC design career began in Men’s Design!

Tom Ford’s Fall 2014 Suit Ensemble:

  • The proportionally fitting jacket to the model, fits his posture
  • The jacket sleeve setting hangs along arm, no twisting
  • Sleeve hem has slit opening detail
  • Center front button placement
  • Dress shirt collar height in proportion to model’s neck length
  • Dress shirt collar point ‘frames’ with the jacket collar/lapel width
  • Pant leg silhouette/fit complements the jacket silhouette
  • Shoe design choice works well with narrower pant leg

Valentino Men’s Spring 2015 Sportswear Ensemble:

  • The overall jacket silhouette creates the design foundation
  • The collar shape and how it lays on the garment shoulder, nice touch
  • The sleeve circumference and cuff detail complements the jacket shape and pocket design
  • The pocket design detail, placement, complements jacket center front hidden zippered opening detail
  • The pant leg silhouette complements jacket and long crisp white shirt hem
  • Shoe design finishes out the look.


Color is secondary to a design ensemble that gets my attention….no less important, though.


Style Integrity Ensembles to ‘Pin’ For!


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